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Audit Director, Cryptocurrency – Cayman

Audit Director, Cryptocurrency – Cayman

The Cayman Islands stands alone as the premier offshore Funds jurisdiction and the island continues to go from strength to strength economically. The Cayman Islands Monetary Authority recently put in place new legislation related to cryptocurrency and virtual asset service providers (VASP) and this has seen the island start to boom as the ‘go to’ location for offshore structures in this industry.

The Cayman Island’s have a robust compliance framework in place and this has seen the island attract the best-in-class from this industry, which if we’re honest, doesn’t always receive the best press. The calibre of the clientele and work in this role is made up of incredibly impressive, US based firms.

The firm has quickly built one of the largest portfolio’s in the Crypto space in Cayman and this will continue as the existing leadership contains one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency audit professionals.

This position will be a signing Director role and a key strategic part of the business operations in Cayman. Partnership progression is a possibility but it won’t be quick, we’re talking 3-4 years with strong performance, but int he offshore world, this is very quick.

What they are looking for?

  • Due to requirements in the Cayman Islands to be a signing Director, applicants must be currently working as an External Audit Director or experienced Senior Manager
  • Previous experience working with cryptocurrency or digital asset clients – those with a funds background can be considered but only if there is a genuine passion for the industry and a strong understanding of the crypto space
  • A professional accounting qualification is essential
  • Previous experience working in the Cayman Islands or a similar jurisdiction is preferred
  • Cayman is a networking hot spot and the firm actively encourages their team to attend events to help drive business growth – these events are normally golf days, cocktail making, industry meet ups and nothing too formal but some experience with BD and comfort attending networking events is important
  • The business is really growing and they want ambitious people with the desire to be an Audit Partner in future.

OK, so what can they offer you?

  • The salary will be in the region of 170,000 to 180,000USD – this is fully tax-free
  • Performance bonus – which is normally very good for good performance
  • Excellent career development opportunities and career progression
  • Work with a really impressive portfolio of clients – primarily US based in the Crypto space
  • The firm has an excellent reputation and staff retention so the culture is great – they don’t work their staff crazy hours and it’s seen them attract people from the other firms on island so they can really offer a good place to work – which lets be honest, isn’t always the case in the world of Audit
  • For those who require this, the firm offers a relocation package which includes 2 weeks accommodation, 2 weeks use of a car, flights to Cayman and more
  • Work permit
  • Full medical insurance

The good and the bad of Cayman

  • It is tax-free so the earning potential is great – I lived there myself for 6 years and you can truly save a lot
  • It is stunning, one major beach with lots of other smaller beaches around the island. Surrounded by crystal clear, stunning ocean
  • It is such a welcoming place and settling into the island is very easy
  • There are beautiful restaurants, great bars, great sporting facilities – think tennis, football, golf, pickleball, museums – there’s something for everyone
  • Brilliant weather, summer is hot but from November to May is perfect
  • Networking is amazing in Cayman, the financial services industry is incredible
  • It is expensive though and it’s important to note that schooling is not free so if you’re moving with kids, it may not be possible and you’d really need two incomes to support two or more children
  • Spouses do not get work rights but are permitted to look for work

Traffic is a bit crazy so you’re looking at 25-30 mins in traffic at least each day – the views are nice though so it’s not terrible

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